Some Repair & Custom Work (June 2018)

  • Re-upholstered chair
  • Re-upholstered stool

Some Repair & Custom Work (April & May 2018)

  • Custom carved leather label sewn on a wool blanket
  • Indian motorcycle fender flares
  • Before and after clean up of yellow paint spill in Mercedes trunk
  • Purse refurbishment – before & after image

Some Repair & Custom Work (February 2018)

  • Honda Steering Wheel – had stitched leather cover
  • Binocular Case – cleaned and old hardware replaced
  • Custom wallet & utility knife holder

Refurbished Clothing (December 2017)

The shoes were repaired and dyed black with a gold trim. The fur coat was refurbished and remodeled.


Leather Fan Belt for 1917 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle (August 2017)

This fan belt, entirely hand-made, was commissioned by the Canadian War Museum to be used on a 1917 4-wheel drive vehicle.


WW II Binocular Leather Strap  (August 2017)

Custom Leather Razor Strop  (July 2017)

Auto Stick Shift Leather Cover  (July 2017)

Leather Chair Cover Replacement (June 2017)

Leather Chair Refinishing (May 2017)

  • Before Images of Leather Seat
  • After Images of Dyed Leather Seat

Sport Shooting Line Bags (February 2017)